According to News 12 New Jersey, there is a blood shortage for canines and Mount Laurel Animal Hospital is asking owners for help.

Mount Laurel Animal Hospital says that each donation one dog makes can help three dogs. The blood is needed for when dogs have surgical procedures and depending on the side of the dog, they could need more blood.

The Mount Laurel Animal Hospital also points out that since so many people have adopted pets during the pandemic, they've acquired more pet patients. More patients mean more surgeries.

In order for your dog to donate some blood, your dog must be between 55 and 150 pounds and be 2 to 6 years old. There's no certain time of year to do this either. Blood donations for your pup can be accepted all year long.

The process takes about 30 minutes and they use some lidocaine, so it doesn't hurt your dog when they are drawing the blood.

According to toNews 12 New Jersey, The Mount Laurel Animal Hospital wants to make your dog feel comfortable about giving blood. They got lots of treats and belly rubs for donating to other pups.

Please reach out to Mount Laurel Animal Hospital for more information on donating blood.

We heard about a blood shortage after the pandemic began for humans, but I never thought that there would be a blood shortage for dogs. It makes sense though because during surgery blood is needed.

I want to help out other dogs, so maybe I'll bring my Stella girl to give some blood. She loves treats and belly rubs too.

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