There’s an online service for just about everything now a days. We have tons of options between dating, shopping, ordering food, streaming, etc. Now one of those options includes renting a friend online through It’s kind of crazy that it’s actually a thing but it is.

According to 6ABC, users can join the website and rent a friend for $25 an hour. Can you actually trust someone that you are paying to be your friend? Hmm!

Rosenbaum told 6abc, "There are plenty of dating websites out there. When I started Rent-A-Friend I wanted it to be the opposite of a dating website," The website was created in 2009 by New Jersey resident Scott Rosenbaum.

According to Rent-A-Friend’s website, people use the website to have someone show them around town, catch a movie, dine, workout, watch sports/attend concerts with as well as have someone to go to for advice.

6ABC has also reported that it’s another way people can make more money. Members such as Niki Souza charge $30 an hour for users to spend time with her, no pun intended. The Penny Hoarder reported there are users that have made $200-$300 extra in a month.

It's really not that easy to make money or find a quick friend, there are rules to this. You must meet in a public place, make sure you have your own transportation, and be aware of alcohol consumption. There's also an anonymous messaging system for friends to contact and communicate with each other.

Anyone that is interested can join Rent-A-Friend for a monthly rate of $24.95 or an annual one at $69.95. Not a bad side hustle. Easy Money!

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