Apparently there is a shortage on one of America's favorite cereals ... Wheaties!

Over the past few weeks the brand has been disappearing from shelves in Bucks County, Montgomery County and beyond.

This is due to a shortage of the General Mills product.

Fans of the popular cereal of course are blowing up thier social media asking tons of questions about the shortage.

The team responded a few comments:

"Sorry for the trouble. This product is not discontinued. Due to increased demand across our portfolio of Basic 4, Wheaties, and Total cereals, we are experiencing a shortage at some retailers. We are working hard to resolve the issue and will be back on shelf soon. Hope you find it soon! Thank you."

"We know that people are currently having a difficult time finding Wheaties right now and the cereal should become more readily available on store shelves in about a month or so. We thank you for your patience!"

Some people think that this could be due to a recall that General Mills is keeping hush about ... read more here.



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