It's an age old question: "Does Central New Jersey exist, and if so, where is it?"

As someone who was born and raised squarely in a South Jersey city, this was a question I didn't really care about. All I knew was that up North. they root for the Giants, and in South Jersey, we bleed green.

But what was this mythical land of *Central* Jersey? Is it Narnia? Neverland? The Upside Down?

Now that I've been working here for almost three months and can indeed confirm, IT'S REAL, I can also say that admittedly, the lines are a little blurred and up for interpretation. To a point.

So I found it interesting when I came across these two guys on TikTok @TheGardenStatePodcast.

They talk about all the latest New Jersey happenings everyday, and they're a pretty engaging duo. But then I saw their TikTok about Central Jersey and the question of its existence. They took it upon themselves to make a map, carving out the region they hypothesize are within Central Jersey's borders...

And frankly, I'm baffled, appalled, and dare I say... offended!

Because what is this buffoonery?!


One person in the comments section said it best: "You missed the center."

Why is the Southern line on an upward trajectory??

And why is Trenton, which its BLATANTLY smack dab in the middle of the state, according to anybody's eyeballs, NOT included in Central Jersey?

"trenton is central jersey if you think its south you're drunk," said user foreverloves93.

"Wrong! Monmouth county is central NOT south!" said user teeb0509.

Make it make sense.

One thing they ARE sure of, however, is that Central Jersey does exist. So at least they're half right. But this pizza slice of a region that they've carved out? That ain't it.

Check out the full video below. All kidding aside, these guys seem pretty cool and you should give them a follow. As much as I disagree with them on this issue, I've already smashed that follow button.

What do you think of their map? If you have any objections, or agreements, let us know!

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