Thanksgiving is that time, once a year, that the ENTIRE family gets together. Literally EVERYONE. Well at least in my family. My immediate family comes through, extended family, mom's side, dad's side, distant cousins, great aunts, uncles I didn't even know existed. TOO MANY PEOPLE. But I love it because the jokes are never-ending.

However, Thanksgiving can also be a very sensitive day. A lot of people under one roof means a lot of opinions and feelings. At least in my household, there are some things you should absolutely positively NOT say to avoid either getting smacked in the face by your great aunt or making a cousin cry.

Rule #1
- Never ask you aunt what happened to her marriage. That's just asking to get scolded.

Rule #2
- Never ask who made which dish, especially if its bad. If you don't like it, just discretely throw it away.

Rule #3
- Never judge what number plate someone is on. I've learned to just mind my business.

Rule #4
- "Why are you still single?" Don't ever ask that. I get asked that question year and every year my answer is the same so STOP ASKING.

Rule #5
Never ask "When's the last time you've been to church?". Again, mind your business.

Rule #6
- Stay away from political topics. It always starts an hour-long debate between the uncles, and sometimes family members stop talking to each other altogether because of it. True story.

This is just what I've learned based on experience, but then again every household is different.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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