This is a big honor.

An absolutely adorable New Jersey town has just been named the 2023 NJ Destination of the Year, according to Jersey's Best.

It's Lambertville, New Jersey.

When I saw this article online I giggled because just over the weekend, my husband and I drove through Lambertville, over the New Hope Bridge, on the way to Peddler's Village in Lahaska, Pa, and I commented how we have to stop in Lambertville one of these days instead of always driving through because it's so darn cute, especially during the holidays.

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There's so much to discover in Lambertville. I had no idea it's the Antiques Capital of New Jersey. It has a "old-fashioned" vibe that I just love.

The quaint town has stunning views of the Delaware River. The train stop turned restaurant, Lambertville Station, does as well.

You can take a stroll on the pedestrian -friendly bridge over to New Hope where there are more cute shops and restaurants. Great date idea, isn't it?

Lambertville attracts tourists throughout the year. The townspeople are very into decorating their homes for Halloween. It's amazing. ShadFest, a two-day festival, is in April. There are walking and biking trails. You can find treasures at Golden Nugget Flea Market. There's always something fun and unique going on in Lambertville.

It definitely has a small town feel, which makes it so great. The population is only 4,000 people and is only just over 1 square mile.

Make sure to put Lambertville on your 2023 Bucket List. I'm going to, instead of just driving through it all the time.

Check out the entire article HERE.

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