Bar/pub crawls are always fun because you have your family and a group of friends all together! But I just read that Asbury Park is offering a new way to hit up some bars with friends by pedaling your way there. Don't worry, it's a group effort!

I read more about it on Asbury Park Press and I saw that the company is called Asbury Pedalcycle. Yes, you and a group will pedal your way around town on a cool bike bar hybrid. The bike seats 15 passengers while only 12 passengers actually pedal. You won't need to concentrate on steering because there will be a guide at the head of the bike. It looked like the only thing people riding and pedaling the bike were focused on was having a good time!

No need to panic if you're thinking you'll be cycling fast around town. The bike only goes about 8 miles per hour. The owner of Asbury Pedalcycle, Jesse Pomeroy, described it as "a casual, low-impact bike ride where we’re playing music, visiting bars and everybody is enjoying the scenery and each other.”

Click here to get more info and check out the video below!