This without a doubt has to be the best bakery in Bucks County, PA, in my own opinion. You will not be able to find stickybuns like these anywhere else in the entire world. Fritz’s Bakery is located in both Langhorne and Bensalem, PA, and is known for its iconic stickybuns.

They also sell amazing cakes, cupcakes, pastries, and more that are absolutely amazing, but the stickybuns are something that needs to be shared nationally in my opinion.


If you’ve never had the chance to make it to one of their locations, Fritz’s Bakery is a Bucks County favorite and has been in business since 1974. Fritz’s Bakery officially opened for the first time in Croydon, PA, and since then has expanded to other Bucks County towns.

If you’ve never had the chance to go out and try out their delicious desserts, you’re seriously missing out. I swear, once you try one of these stickybuns, you’ll never want another cinnamon roll or stickybun from another bakery again.


Their famous german stickybuns have been a tradition since 1974, made with their special sweet dough recipe, sprinkled with their cinnamon and brown sugar mixture then hand rolled then lined in a pan of caramel.” according to their website. You can choose between different flavors like Walnut, Raisin, Plain Cinnamon, and Cream Cheese iced.

You can order online and choose between half and half flavors also, so you never have to pick just one.

I think this is a staple when visiting Bucks County and if you’re living in Bucks but haven’t tried this place yet, what are you waiting for? They make so many other cupcakes, pastries, cakes, and even specially decorated cakes for any event.

Fritz’s Bakery is located at 360 Oxford Valley Road in Langhorne, PA, and also at 4201 Neshaminy Blvd #120, Bensalem, PA. Fritz’s Bakery is also open Monday-Saturday 6 am to 6 pm and also 7 am to 5 pm Sundays.

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