Rapper Meek Mill has taken a lot of Ls over the past few years. But none can top the major L he took the other day at American Dream Mall in New Jersey.

Mill rented out the entire DreamWorks waterpark the other day. Must be nice, right? Imagine having an arena to yourself filled with waterslides, rides and a wave pool that is the biggest in the whole world.

Of course, if you're rich and have a net worth of $20 million you and your team can rent out 30 waterparks. According to TMZ, the rapper rented out the place to celebrate one of his artist's 24th birthday.

Mill is currently going viral right now for his botched dive into the swimming pool. If I were him, I would have refrained from posting it on social media. He had to have known he would get severely roasted.

He should have taken some notes from the divers at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Instead of a pretty dive, he gave us a nice belly flop. I know that had to hurt!

If you never been to the American Dream Mall it definitely is an experience. The waterpark in and of itself is an amazing time, but visiting the mall is such a fun time as well.

American Dream Mall is located in Rutherford, N.J. It is the biggest mall in the entire country. It has over 450 shops. It would take hours and hours and hours just to get through the entire mall.


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