I have a weird obsession with weird laws. Every state is full of some really bizarre laws, but this may be the absolute most random and bizarre law, not only in Pennsylvania but throughout the country.

A lot of these bizarre laws that we see nowadays are not in effect anymore or are just not enforced. There are a ton of laws throughout Pennsylvania that state you can't sing in the bathtub, no more than 16 women can live together under the same roof and so many more. If you think those sound crazy, you haven't dug deep into this insane Pennsylvania law.

Is It Illegal To Sleep On A Fridge Outside in Pennsylvania?


I'm not sure why anyone would have to know this, but the answer is yes, it is stated that it is illegal to sleep on top of a refrigerator outdoors. Why you would be doing this, I'm not sure. Where you would get a fridge to sleep on outside, I can't answer either. T

his is one of those insane laws that are typically not enforced, I'm sure, but if I were you, I wouldn't try this anyway. There's no clear answer as to why this is a law or when it was put into effect, but it is commonly mentioned as one of the state's most historically ridiculous laws.

If you get tired in your own home and want to sleep on top of your fridge, don't worry, there aren't any rules against that. However, if you were to move the fridge into your backyard to have yourself a little mid-day nap, then you'd have a problem.

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