Halloween is just a few days away and I'm sure we're all doing the same exact thing this weekend. Carving pumpkins, eating candy, and binging out favorite Halloween or horror movies to feel the spooky season vibes.

Before we know it, the Christmas season will be in full effect and we'll have to wait a whole nother year before we get to revisit some of our favorite Halloween movies! A website called Preply has created a list of the top Halloween movies by state and I have to say, New Jersey knows exactly what's up!


The top movies to watch over and over again this Halloween have ranged from classics like Hocus Pocus to Terrifier 2, two very different movies. New Jersey's favorite horror movie to binge during spooky season is actually one of the most popular throughout the entire country, believe it or not. Do you think you can guess which movie reigns supreme as New Jersey's favorite? If you have Coulrophobia, you totally will not agree, although you will be able to admit that this movie will forever be a classic to horror fans.

New Jersey's favorite horror movie to binge during the spooky season is Stephen King's "It"! 

There are 2 different versions of this movie and fans will argue which is better, but according to this poll the 2017 adaptation of it is not just New Jersey's favorite Halloween/scary movie, but the country's! If you're looking for a good scary movie to get you into the Halloween spirit, this is the one to choose!

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