I am not a coffee drinker, but since I have to get up super early to be on the morning show, I do need some kind of caffeine to keep me moving. So I am a tea drinker, specifically chai tea, vanilla chai tea or a chai latte are my jams. I do not visit coffee shops often, but when I do, I'll order something like that. I know there are plenty of people who like their coffee the exact same way every day and go to the same coffee shop every day. Most of the time they're either team Starbucks or team Dunkin'.

A little less than a month ago, were a little unsure about the release date of the most popular drink at Starbucks, the pumpkin spice latte. We had an idea, but never had an exact date. In the past, Starbucks would release the PSL around this time, but was very secretive and would  change the date every year. I just found out that the date everyone has been waiting for is TODAY!

Delish reports, and I confirmed it when I called the Starbucks in Marketfair and spoke to a young man named Patrick that Starbucks is in fact starting to offer their popular pumpkin spice latte today! So this might have made your Tuesday a lot better huh?

Starbucks also just launched a hotline that you can call to hear some fall sounds. The hotline's number is 1-833-GET-FALL and once you call, you'll get one of those automated voiuce recordings where you can choose what sounds you would like to hear. Your options include “head out on a hayride,” “lovely leaf-crunching stroll,” and six more sounds.

So head to Starbucks, get your PSL and dial this hotline, it will totally feel like fall.

For more info on the release of the PSL and Starbucks new hotline, click here.


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