Starbucks just announced a few days ago that they have started receiving ingredients to make their pumpkin spiced lattes! Rumor has it, they could be available in late August!

I myself am not obsessed with pumpkin spiced lattes (or PSL's for short) but I know many who are! There's even a support group, created by Starbucks called the Leaf Rakers Society, for those who cannot wait until PSL season! It's a closed group, but in order to join you have to answer one simple question, "Is your favorite season autumn or fall?

The group already has 10,000 members made up of pumpkin lovers, year round scarf wearers and people who would rather work on their Halloween costume than their tan! The group is for people to talk about Starbucks products and only share your love for fall. There's no hate allowed! (I like the sound of that last part!)

I have to say, I love autumn, but I love summer more and these people that are rushing summer just so they can have some PSL's are making me mad! It's not autumn, until it's autumn people!

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