Check this out. I would absolutely say this is the coolest and most unique Christmas tree in Mercer County. Don't you agree?

Can you tell what it is? It's made up entirely of pizza boxes. Yup, you heard me right, it's a bunch of pizza boxes. How cool is that?

Massimo's Cucina
Massimo's Cucina

You can go see this beauty for yourself at Massimo's Cucina, a popular Italian restaurant & pizza place in the Foxmoor Shopping Center in Robbinsville.

While scrolling on Facebook (which I do way too much lol) I did a double take on Massimo's Cucina's post of the tree. I've never seen anything like it before. I want to make one of my own but, I'll leave it to the pros. Lol.

I was so fascinated by the handmade holiday tree that I needed to know more about it. I called over to Massimo's Cucina and chatted with the very friendly owner, Salvatore Mazzella, who created it.

He told me the festive tree is made out of about 100 different sized pizza boxes. Wow. There are also Christmas lights, garland and some classic ornaments.

Mazzella invites you and your family to Massimo's Cucina (near Friendly's) to see the tree, take pictures (it would make a great Christmas card photo), and of course me, the food is fabulous.

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Mazzella would love to greet his patrons (new and old), show gratitude for your business and make you and your family a meal you won't forget. He loves to see families come in and enjoy together. They have a #familyfirst philosophy at Massimo's Cucina. I love that.

This is the 5th year he's created the pizza box tree, but it's the first year you can bring your dogs and cats to pose in front of it. How cute is that?

He told me customers are in awe of the tree and he often catches them saying, "That's so cool" the minute they walk in the door. I would too.

There's also a vintage 1971 Vespa next to the tree that customers love. Mazzella laughed when he said kids love checking it out because it reminds them of the Disney movie, Luca.

Stop by and see it. It will get you in a holiday mood...and a pizza mood.

Check out their holiday catering menu.

Salvatore Mazzella
Salvatore Mazzella

Massimo's Cucina is located at 1035 Washington Boulevard, Robbinsville.

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