If you are ever looking to move somewhere cheap and affordable in Pennsylvania, don't even bother looking at Villanova. Unless you have an inheritance waiting around for you or you stumbled upon a national treasure worth millions of dollars, this town might not be what you're looking for.

As of 2021, Villanova (19085) was just named the most expensive zip code in PA, and one of the most expensive in all of America. According to Cheapism, the typical cost of a home is around $1,153,963. That's up over $200,000 since just last year, according to Patch.

Famous people like Allen Iverson and more have had homes in Villanova.  This comes as no surprise to me at all given the one time I had the honor and privilege  to even drive through this glorious town, everywhere I turned their were nothing but mansions.


"When people hear “Villanova,” it’s likely they think of college basketball. The University that bears the town's name, after all, is a D-1 Big East name brand and one of Philly’s “Big Five” rivalry schools. Stray off-campus, however, and you’ll find massive estates and sprawling mansions, some of which date back to the wealthy industrialists who put the Villanova area on the map."


The prices for homes in this town are so high it makes me sick. The most expensive house on the market right now in Villanova is going for $13,950,000, according to Realtor.com. It's not even a house, it's a mansion. It has 10 bedrooms, 11 and a half bathrooms, and sits on almost 17 acres of land.





Of the top 10 most expensive homes for sale right now in Villanova, the cheapest is going for $2,399,000. Got that kind of cash?


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