Located at 1690 Langhorne Newtown Road in Bucks County, George School has been named as one of the most haunted places in Bucks County and the most haunted school in the area.

Geroge school is a private boarding school that teaches students in grades 9 through 12. On paper, the school looks impeccable. They have a 95 percent competition rate, over 500 acceptances into the top colleges across the country, and they pride themselves in being a school that is diverse and inclusive. According to their website, their mission is to push their students to "look deep inside, to find and clarify their authentic selves, to blossom intellectually, personally, and spiritually."

Students who attend the school absolutely love it. The residential life makes you feel like you're home away from home. The George School campus is spread out on 240 acres of land that is breathtaking.


All of this sounds fun and dandy right? Well, I wonder if some of the students ever experienced any paranormal activity at Geroge School. Some pretty gruesome stuff happened on that exact campus back in 1756. According to Bucks County Alive, a doctor named James Tate used to dissect cadavers there to keep his skills up to par. Legend has it that one time he even dug up a body of an army soldier and brought it to the campus to dissect it. Afterwards, he allegedly buried the rest of the remains under the floor of his basement which is now the George School. According to Bucks County Alive, now every time someone walks over the grave with a lighted candle or flashlight, the light will suddenly go out. 

I wonder if any of the students at Geroge School have noticed their lights going off in parts of the dorm?


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