I am a frequent visitor to the Dunkin' on Lawrenceville Road in Lawrenceville, but we need to talk about that parking lot:

If you're going to visit that shopping center, please be courteous of how narrow the spaces are in the front.

And there's no reason to get frustrated, by the way, because there are spaces in the back of the shopping center too, which are much easier to maneuver.

I visit that Dunkin' at least 3 times a week because I love that they have coffee on tap, but it seems like every time that I go the parking lot frustrates me.

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It's a narrow parking lot that's a little tiny. But it's definitely manageable. However, nobody seems to understand how to park within the white lines of their spot.

So as soon as one car is over the line... the rest are forced to follow. It's infuriating!

So I am begging you that if you visit Varsity Pizza or Dunkin' that you respect others and park properly to fit within your spot.

When I went today: an SUV was parked in one of the middle spots just slightly over the line. I parked within my spot, but was a little closer to a white line than I would have liked to be. So when another sedan tried to park next to me, I could barely get out of my car.

I legitimately had to do the side step walk (you know where you walk between two cars sideways) to fit because it was so narrow. And, of course, I was worried that the driver next to me would knock my mirror off my car or dent my car if they opened their door.

Then as I went to leave, a car was parked essentially behind me (where there isn't a space) making the process of backing up even more difficult for me.

Don't forget, by the way, they have parking available in the rear of the shopping center.

So, Lawrenceville, I love you. But let's all work together to make our visits to this VERY busy shopping center more enjoyable for all.

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