Have you ever wondered where something got its name from? Have you wondered who gave it that name and why they choose it?

I went to college in a town called Lynchburg Virginia. Every single time I tell someone that is where my school was located I get the same alarmed face. One of the first things I did when I decided to go to Liberty University is do some digging on the town. After doing some digging I found that Lynchburg was named after John Lynch. Lynch was the founder on the town hence why they named it after him. So no...it has nothing to do with lynching despite its insinuation.

I moved to Bucks County about two and a half years ago. Usually when I go anywhere for the first time, one of the things I like to do is look up the history of the place. I get it from my aunt who knows the background and history of all of our ancestors and just about every town our family tree touches. Surprisingly, I am just now looking into the town of Bensalem.

Do you know where Bensalem got its name from and why? A lot of residents have no idea.

There is no concrete answer, actually. However, there are a lot of theories. According to Patch, one theory is that Bensalem comes from a phrase that was often said by Joseph Growden who called his manor "The Manor of Bensalem."  It has been said that Bensalem means "Son of Peace," according to Patch.

According to Bensalem's official website, the term "Salem" came from votes from the public that were collected through surveys. The "Ben-" wasn't attached until 1701.

So there you have it.


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