This NJ Bakery got creative and has made this delicious looking Harry Potter inspired donut.


It really does look the bomb.

So the whole idea behind the July donut special at Montclair Bread Company is the simple fact that Harry Potter's birthday is July 31st and they want to celebrate him all month long.

Not a bad idea if you ask me, especially if they're going to be serving up this butterbeer donut for a straight month.

So, how is exactly does this treat even remotely relate to Harry Potter (non-Harry Potter fans may be wondering) ... well explains, "Butterbeer — that delicious beverage known to get Winky the House-Elf a little tips — is pretty much the official “Harry Potter” drink. The bakery is selling their version of the beverage, too."

By the way, in the video posted above they say the donut sells out quickly - so pre-ordering them is your best way to get your hands on this deliciousness.

They also mention that the donut tastes just like the cow tail candy ... yummy!


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