The Quaker Bridge Mall just got a whole lot sweeter because of their newest store officially opening later this week!

There’s a new shop that just had its grand opening yesterday in the mall and it’s a bakery. It’s called Royal Cake Creations and it can be found on the lower level of the mall.


Although the grand opening was yesterday, May 15, 2022, at 12 pm, their Instagram is saying that the opening was actually a soft opening.

The real opening will be later this week and you can find all the info on their Instagram which is, @royalcakecreations.

It took the spot right across from Sephora in the downstairs unit. The location used to be the Godiva Chocolate store, so what’s better to replace it than another dessert shop?

It says online that this is the second location that this store has opened.

The other location can be found at 9 North Willow St. in Trenton, NJ.

Scrolling through their social media accounts, I have to say this company makes desserts that are totally on a new level than what you’d find at your average bakery.

These red velvet brownie cupcakes are crazy looking and I want to try one immediately. Not only does this bakery come out with some extravagant cupcakes, but they also do all specialty cakes that are made by order.


I mean this looks pretty epic, right? I love how unique it is to have a bakery inside of the mall now.

It’s not every day you have a bakery inside of a mall but considering how there’s nothing like it inside of the mall right now, I think it’s going to do really well.

Royal Cake Creations will be open officially later this week at the new location on the lower level near Macy’s and Sephora.

Their hours are also to be announced, but the hours for the original location in Trenton are Monday- Friday 11 am-6 pm, and Saturday 1 pm- 6 pm.

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