There’s an amazing New Jersey-based company that will bring the fun right to you this summer. The warm weather is finally here and it’s time to start planning all of those summer parties that you couldn’t wait to have at your house while you were stuck inside all winter.

This company which is based in New Jersey has some of the coolest gear that will completely flip your backyard into a movie theater or arcade.

The company is called Backyard Cinemas and they are providing local families with “premier mobile theater and arcade” experiences I have to say, this looks amazing. These kinds of parties and events always made it awesome to have a birthday during the spring/summer months.

You can choose between different packages ranging from different prices and experiences that are listed on their site and they’ll back up the games, snacks, or giant screen and set it right up in your backyard or even basement.

This company makes me wish I was a kid looking for a birthday party setup. If you choose the arcade set up to come to your house, the amount of consoles they have is insane.


You can choose from brand new systems like the PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch or play it old school and rent the Super Nintendo Classic and even a classic arcade machine. The movie theater setup is a giant projector screen along with different classic theater snacks you could add on.

I seriously can’t get over how cool this is! I would go to their website and book now if you are looking for a slot for a birthday party because I have a feeling they’re going to be booked. Check out more info on their site here.

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