When you’re asking people the places that they’d drop everything to move to, this is apparently one of the hottest places to be.

New Jersey’s capital Trenton just found its home on the list made by U.S News and World Report as one of the best places to live in the entire country.

Places that come to mind when you think of people’s dream locations to live are probably somewhere in California or Florida, but a city in New Jersey we all know really well just made the list.

On this list, they have an overall score, quality of life, and value next to all of the cities and towns that they listed on this long list of 150 best places to live.

When scrolling to number 86, Trenton pops up with all of the scores the website awarded it.

The U.S News and World Report team awarded Trenton with an overall score of 6.1, a quality of life score was a 7.4, and a value score of 5.1.

The spot above Trenton was Youngstown, OH, coming in at number 85 and the spot below Trenton was Little Rock, AK, coming in at number 87. It was so cool to have Jersey represented on this list!

Trenton, NJ was the only Jersey town or city that made the cut on this list, so Mercer County is carrying NJ’s rep for sure!

The top-rated best location to live in the entire country was Huntsville, Alabama. The link that will bring you to the entire 150 best places to live list is linked here!

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