I just found an incredible take on the disco fry. The normally "simple" recipe has gone gourmet.

A YouTube series by NJ.com, Calories Don't Count, recently highlighted Rocky Hill Inn's disco fries and showed how the restaurant changed up the standard disco fries recipe.

Rocky Hill Inn in Rocky Hill, New Jersey calls themselves a gastropub according to their website. They took a New Jersey classic diner dish, disco fries, and upped the ante. They created their own gourmet version. The video shows the host talking to the owner and how he wanted to do something different with them, but also wanted to stick to the original qualities of disco fries.

The video shows the process of how Rocky Hill Inn creates their version of disco fries:

- Hand-cut french fries with salt and herbs

- Braised short rib is cooked with a port wine demi-glace

- The cheese is added onto the fries and short ribs

- Then gets finished with a topping of chives

Now when I first heard about disco fries I thought the name sounded weird. They also don't really sound good when you read a description: french fries, brown gravy and cheese. One day I ended up trying them and actually liked them. It's not something I always order, but after seeing that gourmet version of them I think I may give them another try.

Random fun-fact: disco fries are similar to Canada's "poutine" dish.

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