Everyone knows that Pennsylvania doesn't have the nicest drivers. Ever since 2017, Pennsylvania has made the 10 top list of rudest drivers in America.

This doesn't come as much as of surprise to the people who actually live here. We experience the madness on the roads every single day. Center City is no safe place. I have witnessed just about every nasty encounter possible down there. I've seen road rage that led to full blown out fist fights. I've seen accidents caused by impatience. And I can't even tell you the amount of times I've been flipped off and cussed out at through the window.

But surprisingly, Philadelphia is not the city with the rudest drivers in the state of Pennsylvania. A website called Insurify.com listed out which city in every single state has the rudest drivers, and found that Erie came out on top for PA. Factors that went in to determining this include cutting off other cars, hit and runs, street racing, tailgating, improper backing and overall rude behaviors behind the wheel.

According to Insurify, the city of Erie tops the list for the state of Pennsylvania with 40.31 rude drivers per 1,000 motorists. Erie drivers are 39 percent ruder than the state's average, according to Insurify. Does this come as a surprise to you? The city is the third largest city in Pennsylvania and also one of the most dangerous.

As for the Garden State, Insurify says that Clifton is the city with the rudest drivers.

So as residents of both Pennsylvania or New Jersey, do you think this list is accurate?

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