In my opinion, there’s nothing better than going out for a nice Italian meal.

Italian food is just one of those types of cuisine where everything just makes you feel so comfortable and there’s nothing better!

Tasting Table has been named the 20 best Italian restaurants in the U.S. and a local favorite has made its way onto the list. Vetri Cucina is the restaurant that has been named one of the best restaurants in the entire country and for good reason.

“Located in a historic townhome in the heart of Philadelphia, Vetri Cucina is a unique space that invites guests to become part of our family. With seating for 32, the intimate dining room evokes the charms of Italy with custom-crafted features including hand-hand Murano glass chandeliers, Richard Ginor porcelain, and Venetian glassware.”

I truly believe the more intimate a space is, the better the food quality of the food typically is. You can get all of your Italian favorites including pastas and Antipasti.


This space does cost you $165 per head, but it truly does seem to be worth the money. The menu looks to be a four-course meal so if you visit Vetri Cucina make sure to pack some time into your schedule.

Check out all the information on Vetri Cucina’s official site.

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