Whether it's collard greens, fried chicken, corn bread, candied yams, chicken and dumplings, oven-baked macaroni and cheese, fried catfish, etc. (I could go on and on), sometimes you just need some good ol' "down South" comfort food that reminds you of your southern grandma's cooking.

Southern food, or Soul Food, as many of us like to call it, just hits different! So where can you get the BEST soul food in New Jersey?

The answer is easy, considering this place has been recognized by Eat This, Not That as the best southern food joint in New Jersey AND it's the recipient of a prestigious James Beard Awardaccording to NJ.com

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It's Corrine's Place in Camden NJ! - "Soulfood with a touch of class!"

Where is Corinne's Place located?

Located at 1254 Haddon Avenue Camden NJ, this place has been holding it down for over 30 years, and this is not the first time I've heard that this is the BEST soul food in New Jersey.

You need only look at their food to see why. THIS is how it's done!

Not to mention their platters are practically overflowing with heaping helpings of this flavorful food. I'm stuffed just looking at it!

This platter of pork ribs, candied yams and glorious mac and cheese is calling my name! Not everybody can do a good mac and cheese, you know. But Corrine's Place has it nailed. Check out their full menu HERE.

Like I mentioned, I've heard about this place from some family members/friends and heard about how great it is. And since I'm moving nearby pretty soon, I can't wait to make a visit here myself!

NJ.com featured Corinne's Place in a video after they won a James Beard Award. Check out the video below!

Have you ever tried Corrine's? Give us your verdict! Also don't be afraid to drop any more great Southern food recommendations too!

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