This is the coolest restaurant for 90s and 2000’s kids that NEEDS to come to Philly next! This popped up in Housten, Texas and I’m so jealous that other Spongebob fans get to experience this before I did!

Spongebob is a staple in 90’s and 2000’s kid's childhoods, this seeing this restaurant brought to life is really nostalgic to look at.

This Krusty Krab dupe restaurant is a pop-up restaurant that travels all over to give the Spongebob fans exactly what they’ve always dreamed of trying. A Krabby Patty.

There are a ton of drink specials to choose from that all have names related to some of the greatest Spongebob episodes of all time.

There are references to characters we all know and love like Squidward, Sandy, and Mr.Krabs, but this menu references some more minor characters that the real fans can appreciate like Doodlebob, Mermaid Man, and Barnacle Boy.

This place has to come to Philadelphia next! I always see a bunch of pop-up restaurants and bars that come in and out of the city, but nothing like this!

Although the concept is there, people in the comments were saying the pop-up quality of food needs some work, but the drinks are great.

That’s all that matters really, right? Whoever thought of this idea is a genius and needs to keep this traveling bar and restaurant moving until it reaches our area!

It’s in high demand now to come to the NJ and PA area, so keep your eyes peeled in case it ends up showing up at a spot near us!

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