According to ABC's Eyewitness News, Santacon, the extremely popular holiday event that takes place every year in New York City has been canceled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Santacon organizers made the announcement just a few days ago that the event that usually takes place in December would not be happening this year. Santacon happens every year and people dress up in their best Santa attire and do a bar crawl to various bars throughout the city. It can turn into a huge mess of drunk people everywhere and locals are not huge fans of this event. But, because of huge risks and coronavirus cases climbing everywhere, especially New York City, organizers have decided to cancel. Proceeds from Santacon usually go to charity, so if you visit their website, they are still taking donations to feed local frontline workers. They've also got some cute ideas of things to do instead of Santacon like this fun drinking game you can play safe at home.

I can't say I am surprised about Santacon getting canceled, it's an event that draws thousands or people, all packed into bars, standing very close together on the streets and there is a ton of drinking which leads to poor decisions. Each and every one of these things are what we've been told NOT to do during this pandemic. Well, we aren't being told to abstain from drinking alcohol, but when you drink, you start to not care about what's happening around you, you talk louder, talk closer and that's not a good thing to do around others you don't know during a pandemic. I think as long as coronavirus cases keep rising, events like this do need to be canceled. We need to kick this coronavirus out of here!

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