If you've never heard of Carli Bybel, you probably don't watch beauty vlogs on YouTube.  According to famousbirthdays.com, Bybel started doing YouTube videos in 2011.  Her channel now has over 6 million subscribers.  (She also has a second YouTube channel called "Inner Beauty Bybel" with over 300,000 subscribers).

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The 28-year old vlogger grew up in Morganville, NJ (a small town in Monmouth County).  Topics of her videos include beauty tips (Simple Everyday Makeup Tutorial), fashion (Huge Spring Fashion Haul + Try On), decorating (My Living Room Tour), and travel (New York, Nashville & Montreal).  She even has a video where she does Drew Barrymore's makeup.

In addition to her YouTube channels, Bybel also has 5 million Instagram followers, 570,000 Twitter followers, and her own website called "The Beauty Bybel."  TheList.com says that Bybel earned $16,000/month in 2015 from YouTube and in 2016, she designed a fashion line for online retailer Missguided.

Here's Bydel's very first video:

And here's one of her most recent videos:




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