A video is going viral amongst Philadelphians where a  Tik Tok user explains what a man's neighborhood and where he lives in the city says about him. A social media user who goes by bran_flakezz on his platforms categorized the different neighborhoods in Philadelphia and details what the men are like from each area.

The video is so clever and relatable because if you have ever tried to date in Philly, you know that everyone is the exact same yet so different. If you date a guy from North Philly, don't ever expect him to be anything like a guy you meet from Fishtown.

Here is a breakdown of how bran_flakezz describes Philly men. He says that if you meet a guy from Center City he probably has a lot of money. Last year I dated a guy who had an apartment in Center City and I was treated to the fanciest dinners, courtside Sixers games, and even a yacht party. So this is 100% accurate.

In the video, Bran describes South Philly guys as ones who always are out getting drinks at Xfinity and tailgating for the Eagles games. They are most likely to take you out to Barcelona Wine Bar for a first date. Northern Liberties guys apparently are like the frat boys of the city. They most likely live in a house full of 5 or 6 of them, they're hobbies include scouting out women on bumble, and will most never message you first. Lastly, we have the guys from Fishtown. They wear flannels, probably own their own homes, and are dog dads. AKA husband material.

So what do you think? Does this accurately describe the guys you have encountered In Philly?

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