If you live in Philly, you know there are two places you want to avoid at all costs, especially during the spookiest time of the year. People shutter at the names Kensington and Alleghany. Why? Well, what is understood doesn't need to be explained.

A Twitter user asked the question of where he can find the best haunted houses in Philly. Another local resident quoted tweeted him, jokingly stating "Kensington and Alleghany." Anyone who doesn't live in the area wouldn't think twice about that statement. But as for us who grew up in the heart of Philly, that tweet was hilarious. This post went viral on multiple local blog sites with many people chiming in on how scary these two places can be.

There is one word that accurately describes both of those neighborhoods: ZOMBIES. And they're out and about 24/7 to scare you and your friends free of charge.

Now while this is a hilarious joke, it's actually just some comic relief on a situation that is incredibly sad. Kensington is known for being a place where drug addicts reside. Just a simple drive down the street and you will see so many residents wandering around aimlessly. Some using drugs in broad daylight, others so out of their minds that they somehow ended up asleep in trashcans.

Alleghany is no different. I get sad and creeped out all in one every time I drive through.

"It freaks me out every time I'm near Alleghany. There are always people lying in the streets either cracked out, screaming, or fighting with each other," said Lansdowne resident, Ty Pollard to WPST. "In school, we used to call that area zombie town because everyone you see over there isn't in their right mind."

Happy Halloween....I guess.

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