Philly is getting scarier and scarier with each and every day. And the broken street lights throughout the city aren't helping. The city of Brotherly Love has multiple things going against it right now. The violence, the crime, the theft, daylight savings time, and the broken street lights that haven't been fixed.

The residents of Philly have been crying out for months to officials to fix the broken street lights, but it seems the complaints are falling on deaf ears. According to the Inquirer, the average number of complaints has tripled since July. Some neighborhoods in the city have streets lights that have been out for weeks and weeks at a time. Do you know how scary that can be in a city that has one of the highest crime rates in the country? Not to mention with it getting darker outside much earlier, we need the street lights to walk to our homes safely at 6 pm.

According to the Inquirer, the reason for the lack of urgency behind getting these street lights fixed is due to a contract lapse. Back in June, it took the city a long time to negotiate a deal with the contractor.

It's scary walking down my boyfriend's block in Philly at night because the only lighting is from the insides of people's homes. He and his neighbors have complained multiple times, but nothing has been done for months. According to the Inquirer, street lights outages are one of the top two most common complaints in the city.

Something needs to be done, and something needs to be done fast. It's annoying because changing light bulbs is such an easy thing to do. As residents, we want to feel safe in an already unsafe community. And working streets lights is a start.


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