A junior Eagles fan is looking for all the help he can get! A TikTok is starting to gain some traction for a boy who’s running a lemonade stand in what seems to be his neighborhood.

At first, you may think “So what? A ton of kids do this during the summer!”. That’s true, but this kid has an end goal that all Philadelphians can appreciate. This little Eagles fan is trying to save up all the money he can to get himself a Kelly Green Eagles jersey before the 2023 season kicks off.

My heart melted when I saw this video and this kid hustling to get some extra cash to save up for a brand-new jersey. The Eagles have officially brought back the classic Kelly Green jerseys this season and if you’re a die-hard fan, you’ve been trying to get your hands on one.

Eagles fans have flooded the comment section on this TikTok asking for the kid’s Venmo name, tagging the official Philadelphia Eagles TikTok account and even a Cowboy’s fan is wishing this little Eagles fan some luck!


The video was only posted a day ago, so I’m assuming his lemonade stand will still be up and running to raise money. So far, the TikTok has racked up 109.9 thousand views and people are sending it around to spread the word.

This is the most wholesome side of TikTok and I really hope to stay on it. So far, there’s no word of a Venmo or if the kid has earned enough money yet for the Kelly Green jersey, but we’re all rooting for him!

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