"I see TikTokers... They're everywhere!"

Have you seen "The Watcher" (2022) on Netflix? The miniseries, based on a real true-crime story, is currently one of the hottest shows on Netflix, giving viewers the chills and thrills we all crave during this Halloween season. It's got quite an impressive cast, starring Bobby Cannavale, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Coolidge, and even Mia Farrow!

Netflix's "The Watcher" New York Premiere
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The show is heavily dramatized and takes several liberties with the real story, which is perhaps why the show has captured so much interest.

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So it's no wonder it's been quite the buzz here in New Jersey since the actual true story took place at this house in Westfield, at 657 Boulevard back in 2014.

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Google Maps

You've probably heard that visitors from everywhere have been flocking to the house to get a glimpse and take pictures, although filming for the show didn't actually take place here. Residents of the house and the neighbors are pretty fed up with it, according to NJ.com.

So that made me wonder... What do all of these pictures taken by the curious visitors look like? After all, it is just a normal house, in a normal neighborhood.

Although the house has gained more popularity this year thanks to the Netflix show, the house has been attracting curious visitors for several years, ever since the true story came out. So some of these were taken even before the show premiered Oct 2022.

Some people pull a simple drive-by shot.

Others stop outside to take selfies!

And of course.... TikTokers are all over it! Here are just a few of them.

They just hop in their car and drive on by - camera at the ready!

These two girls even took an Uber there... at NIGHT! Very creepy for the current residents!

And there's so many more of them just like that. It's no wonder the residents and neighbors are getting sick of it! The people are everywhere!

Pretty ironic how the visitors have now become the watchers! :D

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