Are you a fan of the Cake Boss?  I am...or was....actually, still am. The show was much more popular a few years ago, and my hubby and I watched it religiously. We loved everything about the family and their bakery. I cried when their mom died like she was a member of my own family.  I fully admit, I stood in a 2 hour line in Hoboken to get into Carlo's Bakery once. Their brownies are the best I've ever had! Yes, I was a total fangirl when I got a glimpse of two of Buddy's sisters while we were there too! We were so happy for them when their business grew and we watched them open new locations throughout the area. The next time we visited the bakery in Hoboken, the once huge line of fans was smaller, and the 3rd time we went back, there was no line at all. Like a lot of reality shows, it had hit the height of its popularity. More proof came this morning when I read on that the Westfield and Red Bank, NJ locations of Carlo's Bake Shop had closed. Although, their spokesperson says another NJ location is on the way, and they're looking into creating a new dining experience for guests and fans, and the 2 closed spaces just couldn't host the new concept. Great! Can't wait to see what's in store for the Cake Boss and his family! Just talking about this makes me want to drive down to Marlton and get some brownies!

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