When I was younger I dreamed of the day I woke up on Christmas morning and saw that my gift was an adorable dog. I wanted one so bad, but never got one for the holidays. I will say that later in life, my family and I welcomed an amazing English Pointer/English Stetter mix to our family. Her name is Leeza and it's safe to say we are truly obsessed with her.

It did get me thinking that this time of year many may be thinking that adopting a pet may be a great gift, but pets are more than just gifts. So I'm hoping these tips could be used almost as a checklist to make sure you are prepared for a puppy. I saw some great tips from Townsquare Media article that I'd like to share along with my own:

- A puppy or pet is not just a gift that can be forgotten the next day. It's a new family member and friend that needs attention, love, guidance, food and care.

- They should not be surprise gift. Make sure you, your family, or the person you plan on giving the new puppy or dog to is ready, willing and understanding of the responsibility and the emotional and financial commitment that comes along with the pet.

- Think about the age, personality and energy level of the new pet you'd like

- If possible, see if you could meet the potential puppy or dog you'd like to adopt in person. Sometimes you can make instant connections.


If you're looking for a rescue to get in contact with once you know you are ready to adopt a dog you can visit the Amazing Mutts Puppy Rescue in Cream Ridge, New Jersey. They are a A 501c3, not for profit, foster based organization. I personally found out about them during a work event and instantly started following them on Instagram. They frequently post dogs up for adoption and provide opportunities to foster. I added some photos below of some of the pups they have for adoption:

If you'd like more info on how to adopt, foster or see more about the Amazing Mutts Puppy Rescue go here

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