Why wasn't this around when I was a server? Before I became the Producer of Chris and the Crew, I was a waitress (among many other things). I was a waitress for a long time and at various restaurants, and most current servers and former servers will tell you, that sometimes, the tips are awful. Don't get me wrong the tips can also be amazing! But you will definitely run into people who just feel like they don't have to tip, or have really high standards on tipping. Even if you do a great job, sometimes people think you need to give them VIP service for you to earn 20%. Let me tell you, it was be extremely frustrating!

I saw the Tip the Bill Challenge on my friend's Instagram, she also used to be a server, and I was so amazed! How the challenge works is, whatever your bill is, that's how much you leave your server. So if your bill was $100, your server will get $100 as well. Getting a tip like this can make a server's night! Like I said before, why wasn't this around when I was a server!

How cool is this though? Restaurant guests who participate in this are making servers very happy! I think I'll do this the next time I dine out, how about you?

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