Who doesn't love Jeopardy and Alex Trebek? I know that I love watching it and yelling at the tv when I think I know the answers. I don't always get them correct, but I still enjoy watching it. You can really learn a lot. We know that people hate on New Jersey, I like to say, 'they hate us, cuz they ain't us,' but it seems that Alex Trebek and producers at Jeopardy like Jersey enough to give it it's own category on tomorrow's show!

According to North Jersey.com, Jeopardy will be airing an episode tomorrow night (February 8th) at 7pm with a special 'Jersey' category right in the beginning of the show. The New Jersey Hall of Fame will have a whole category to itself! A spokesman of the New Jersey Hall of Fame says it will be great exposure for them! The Hall of Fame should be getting a permanent home at the Meadowlands in 2020.

I am so curious as to what kinds of questions, or answers will be given about the New Jersey!

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