It is a parent’s dream to have a kid that grows up to be a famous athlete, right? In case you did not know, New Jersey is home to many athletes. Shaquille O'neal, Kyrie Irving and Derek Jeter, to name a few, are all from New Jersey.

You’re probably thinking, “Okay and what is the point of this?” Well, it turns out that 2019 may be the year that you want your teen to start thinking about his athlete lifestyle and future. Here is a list of top New Jersey high schools that can help your kid achieve their goal of becoming an athlete.

Burlington County

Shawnee High School  - This particular High School lands near the very top in rankings thanks to many reviews from parents and students. The U.S. Department of Education also released data stating that Shawnee High School is one of the 2019 top schools for high school athletes.

Credit: Google Maps

Cherokee High School - Many of the students that attend Cherokee are interested in furthering their educational careers at schools like Penn State and Temple University. If you think about it, those schools have had many athletes graduate and go into professional sports. Before your teen can reach that, they have to develop and grow in a high school and Cherokee is one of the 2019 top high school for this.

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The Rest Of New Jersey

Gloucester Catholic Junior Senior High School - This Camden county high school has an A+ rating from both parents and students. Great reviews come from all of the funding that goes towards their clubs and organizations.

Montclair High School - This high school helped the professional basketball player, Kyrie Irving, hit his peak. Now, your kid can be next. Montclair High students have a very high athletic participation.

These are a few of the New Jersey schools that are considered best schools for athletes in 2019. Depending where you live, your child can attend one of these schools and maybe one day be in the professional headlines!