Well here's something you don't see in New Jersey everyday.

If you were in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and some parts of Delaware and Maryland early Saturday evening (April 1), you undoubtedly remember the intense storm that blew through, urgently forcing us into a Tornado watch.

Four tornados touched down in New Jersey on Saturday, according to NJ.com. Howell, Monmouth County, Jackson Township, Cinnaminson in Burlington County were among the areas to witness and endure them as they barreled through.

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Usually this is the type of thing we're used to seeing happening on the news in Florida and other Southern states, but for many of us, this storm (short as it was) was the most intense we've seen in years.

National Weather Service

Local meteorologists cautioned us to pull over on the roads if we were driving and to bunker down in our basements during the storm.

This tornado was in South Jersey! Clear as day.

Jackson, NJ got a pretty big dose of the storm. Check out this terrifying footage.

What started as a beautiful, 70 degree weather day with clear skies, turned into one of the most frightening storms we've seen in recent years. A complete 180 within a day. It was like Mother Nature's own little April Fool's prank!

Where were you when the storm happened? Did you see any of these tornadoes or sustain any damage? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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