There's good news and bad news if you were hoping to see the return of Toys "R" Us stores.  According to AdAge, a former Toys "R" Us executive named Richard Barry would like to bring the iconic toy store back from the dead.


That's the good news.  The bad news is that AdAge says Barry's plan only involves in opening about 6 stores nationwide, plus, an e-commerce site.

In March 2018, CNN reported that Toys "R" Us planned on closing their 735 U.S. stores.  According to USA Today, all of the stores were shuttered by the end of June of that year.  That included locations in Lawrenceville, NJ, Burlington, NJ, and Fairless Hills, PA.

AdAge says that the new Toys "R" Us stores would be about one-third the size of old stores.

Last November, the Motley Fool reported on a survey that said that Amazon, Walmart and Target were the top choices replace Toys "R" Us as the nation's top toy retailer.




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