It was a heart breaking moment when we found out that every single Toys R Us was being closed. Then we found out that Toys R Us was going to be popping up again just in time for the holidays and we were happy again.

Now guess what? Former Toys R Us employees will be getting a severance.

This is all confusing. After shutting down all stores due to bankruptcy, they still have money to give away as severance?

Toys R US store in Fairfax County, Virginia for children shop exterior entrance with sign, logo, doors, closing going out of business bankruptcy, man pushing trolley shopping cart
Credit: Ablokhin

If you are a former Toys R Us employee that is wondering if you will be receiving some extra money soon, we may have the details to answer your question:

Were you a full-time employee? If you answered yes, you are a little closer to the severance money.

Now, did you make less than $100,000 but more than $5,000 as a full time employee at Toys R Us?

One more question, was your position any of the following: global resource center employee, stores and regional office employee and/or District Center Management, or full‐time hourly employee?

If you fall into any of those categories . . . Cha-Ching . . . you are cashing out!! :)

You are very welcome. Now you can take us out to eat.

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