Trader Joe's is one of those stores that I never used to go to and didn't understand why everyone went crazy about it. Then, once I went, I understood what the hype was about. We used to go to the relatively new location in North Brunswick, but now that we live in East Windsor, we visit the location in Princeton quite often. Prices are great and the quality of products are always good and usually organic.

According to People, Trader Joe's does something super cool in their stores that I never knew about. They will hide a stuffed animal somewhere in their store and if kids find the stuffed animal, they get a prize or a treat. So being that Trader Joe's has locations all over, I called the Princeton store to find out if they participate in this fun, and they said they do. You’ve gotta look for a Tiger and if you find it, tell someone who works there and you get to pick a treat and or from a treasure chest!

How fun is this? Parents and kids can get in on the fun or this could be a good distraction if your kid likes to get every kind of cookie in the cookie aisle.

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