If you're single, then living in New Jersey might be helpful in finding a date because Census data shows that more than than half of the population is not married.

NJ.com broke down each of the top towns in the Garden State that had the most singles, and I saw that Trenton was number 10 on the list. A little over 70% of residents in NJ's capital's were single.

Other notable towns on the list were:

Asbury Park

In at number 4 on the list with a little over 73% singles in the area. Now that Asbury has been redone I can see why more singles are living there. It has access to a beautiful beach, an updated boardwalk, great nightlife with bars and nice restaurants.

New Brunswick

Coming in at second place on the list with almost 77% singles in town. This makes sense because it's home to Rutgers University which has many students and recent graduates who are still single.

The town that has the most singles is Camden with a 78% single population. Now with this information I may petition to change NJ's nickname from the Garden State to be the Garden State of Love. The tag line could "love blossoms here." I'm joking, but it does have a nice ring to it.

To see the full list of towns and to read more on this go here



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