We have just received word that the Boil Water Advisory, which had been issued by Trenton Water Works, has been lifted.

The news broke just before 2:30 pm on Saturday that the water is safe to drink and use once again.

The advisory, which went into effect on Friday, affected Trenton Water Works customers in Trenton, Hamilton Township, Ewing Township, and Lawrence Township to boil their water until further notice.

Officials said that chlorination levels (a water disinfection process) were too low due to an equipment malfunction in the water distribution system.

They repaired those issues on Friday but had to wait until water tests across the system met the standard. We're told that has now happened.

It is now safe to drink and use all water. As a reminder, however, as a reminder, you should still discard any uncooked food, beverages, or ice cubes that were made with tap water during the advisory (which lasted from Friday morning through early Saturday afternoon).

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