It is extremely sad to see the pictures of all of the damage that Hurricane Laura has done in some states. The firefighters in Lousiana need a helping hand right now and it looks like the Hamilton firefighters hit the road to help out after Hurrican Laura.

According to, Hamilton firefighters loaded up a few trucks and made their way to Lousiana on Wednesday morning. The brave firefighters that are a part of the rescue team headed to Lousiana include:  Captain Joe Flynn, Captain Jason Ryan, Captain Jarred Pierson, Captain Kinte Holt, Firefighter Brad Ladislaw, and Firefighter Jeff Barlow. We learned from that the firefighters are a part of the New Jersey Task Force 1 team.

It is a total of 16 trucks that are making their way Lousiana to help in the wake of Hurrican Laura, according to

We learned that the Hamilton firefighters were going to stay in Baton Rouge, Lousiana for a minimum of 15 days. If it's required to stay longer the team is going to continue helping. mentioned that the firefighters have set up tents and shelters to help any operation.

It has to be tough to head out and leave your family behind during this pandemic but these brave firefighters did just that by making their way to Lousiana to help with the damage the hurricane made. also mentioned that all the firefighters that are a part of the caravan and are now in Lousiana were tested for COVID-19 before making the trip. The proper guidelines and safety protocols will be followed but the Hamilton firefighters.

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