Trenton resident, Tiffany Booker, is a lucky woman. She just won $2 million fromscratch-offoff lottery ticket.

She found the un-scratched lottery ticket while she was cleaning her house during the snowstorm back in November. She says that when she scratched the ticket, she couldn't believe her eyes.

She took it back to the store where she bought it (Carter Liquor on Oakland Street in Trenton) to see if she was reading it correctly. Well, she was.

She paid $20 for the ticket, and now she has $2 million. Well, she actually has $1,440,100 after taxes were taken out. Still, that's not a bad prize.

What are her plans now that's she's a millionaire? Lottery officials say she was planning to move out of Trenton right away, and she wants to buy snow tires for her car. I think she can afford them now.

Can you imagine winning $2 million? What would you do with the money? I would be the proud owner of an oceanfront house in Ocean City, New Jersey. Ahhh, to dream.

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