This is surprising news. My friends at Mercer Eats are reporting that Triumph Brewing Company, on Nassau Street in downtown Princeton have closed that location.

We knew it would eventually be closing to move to the old post office, not far away in Palmer Square, but, they're currently renovating that space and the big move there isn't expected for another year, sometime in 2023.

So, what the heck? I'm sure it's regulars aren't happy. Mercer Eats is saying they've heard a few different possible reasons for the closure. First, not enough help. Restaurants and bars all over the area are suffering from the issue of not being about to find employees. Secondly, that there were "issues" with the current location (I haven't heard anything else), and finally, the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It wasn't a secret, Triumph told everyone on Facebook that they were closing for good ahead of the move to Palmer Square. They just didn't say why.

I can't wait to see the renovations at the old post office. From what I've heard they're going to try and keep the historic flair of the building. Word from Town Topics is the old loading dock in the back of the building will be the entrance and they'll use as much of the space as they can, like the mail sorting room downstairs.

Did you know the now closed Triumph Brewing Company on Nassau Street was once a bowling alley? Such history. So cool.

We've had many 94.5 PST events at Triumph over the years, and I have to say I'm going to miss it...for now. The food was awesome...and, of course, the beer was the best. Can't wait to check out the new place.

I'll let you know when I find out when the grand opening in Palmer Square will be. Until it opens there are two other Triumph Brewing Company locations you can visit...New Hope, PA, and Redbank.

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