UPDATE: The road has re-opened as of 4 pm.

ORIGINAL STORY: Traffic has been blocked on I-295 East in Bucks County this afternoon after a large truck overturned about an hour ago (around 1:40 pm on Tuesday), LevittownNow.com first reported. 

The accident occurred just past the Penndel/Levittown entrance ramp in Middletown. Traffic cameras in the area show that traffic has been completely blocked as crews are working to remove the truck from the very slushy highway (as of 2:30 pm on Tuesday).


The best way to avoid the area would be to exit the road at Business Route 1 (Southbound) to Northbound Route 413 to Northbound Route 1, where you can pick Route 295 Eastbound back up.

As of 3:30, the truck had been uprighted. But it is not clear when the road will reopen. Additionally, there was no immediate word on injuries, but traffic has backed up in the area.

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