I eat out a lot, but I also try to eat relatively healthy.  The combination of those 2 things can make things extremely difficult at times.  That must be why I was so interested when I saw an article on wellandgood.com titled "The Dietician's Guide to the Healthiest Fast Food Options at 14 of America's Favorite Chain Restaurants."


Here are the recommendations at just a few restaurants that have locations in our area:

  • Olive Garden - Wellandgood.com says that you should split your entree in 2 at Olive Garden and eat one portion in the restaurant and take the other one home for a separate meal.  And the best dishes to order are Herb-Grilled Salmon and Chicken Giardino.  Oh...and skip the salad and go with a bowl of minestrone soup.
  • P.F. Chang's - According to wellandgood.com, your "go to" dishes as P.F. Chang's should be "ginger chicken with broccoli, miso glazed salmon, stir-fry eggplant, or Buddha’s feast."
  • Panera Bread - You can be fooled to think you're eating healthy at Panera, but dieticians tell wellandgood.com that "grain bowls are pretty much the best option" at the popular eatery.
  • Cheesecake Factory - I mean, c'mon, you know a restaurant with "cheesecake" in its name is bound to kill a diet, but wellandgood.com says it is possible to eat healthy at this chain.  I thought one of their most interesting tips was to research the menu and decide what you're going to order before you go, otherwise, you'll be overwhelmed by the menu, which is literally a book.

Those are just 4 of the restaurants from the article.  You can check out all 14 here.

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